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Below, you will find links to several of the surviving scripts to The Treasure of Antares for your reading enjoyment. They are in chronological order based on production date, not air date, as the collator of this collection is quite finicky in regard to proper viewing order. To this day, he will not forgive TNT for airing “Perchance to Dream” before “Thicker Than Water.”  What, truly, were they thinking?


More scripts will be added as they are found.  

The Treasure of Antares TV Show was not a ratings juggernaut when it premiered on the newly minted TNT network in 1989. During its seven year run (TNT from 1989 to 1995, then to TBS in 1996 for the show’s final season), the show garnered respectable ratings but it wasn’t until the advent of DVD that the show truly found an audience. Its energetic writing; splashy, and often cheesy, sets; and intriguing character drama has made it a “cult classic.” But in 2013 it became something else: cursed


Cursed motion pictures are legendary: The Exorcist, Poltergeist, The Crow. But few, if any, TV shows can be said to carry the same burden. In fact, the “cursed” designation applied to The Treasure of Antares differs starkly from its film counterparts. While the majority of the mysteries and tragedies of "cursed" films revolve around the cast and crew, The Treasure of Antares bucks the trend in that its curse applies to the audience themselves.

Not long after the 2012 disappearance of Nelly Marsh*, who starred as the scrappy ship’s engineer Kolu Canticore, a large majority of fans viewing the episodes (on DVD or streaming, the curse does not distinguish) became violently ill. Many were hospitalized. Several died. What can account for this odd phenomenon? No one can say. But the show was dropped from all streaming channels and its DVD collection now fetches high prices on eBay. But those who pay the inflated prices beware: you may buy but do not watch. It is said you watch an episode of The Treasure of Antares at your own peril.


For fans who still need their The Treasure of Antares "fix," they turned to the original scripts of the episodes. If they can't watch, they can at least read. Unfortunately, many scripts were lost in the Edgar Productions warehouse fire of 1999. But many private collectors have been generous enough to offer their own copies to other fans.


*The mysterious circumstances surrounding Marsh’s disappearance are discussed at length in “Nelly Marsh: From Ingenue to Femme Fatale” by Morehouse A 2015, Wonder Tales Online, accessed 20 February 2021, 

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